Tabletops: The Apple Store Time Machine

Michael Steeber
Michael Steeber
The Apple Store Time Machine
Today I’m thrilled to share an exciting new project with you: The Apple Store Time Machine. Pause right here and check it out:
There are places in life that we return to again and again in our minds. Places that no longer exist. Places that felt magical. Places that linger on the edge of our memory, shifting and shimmering as they fade into the fog of time.
Sometimes these places are profound, like a childhood home. Sometimes they’re simple, like a favorite park bench or a store at the mall. We wish we could visit one more time.
Time travel vs. reality
Time travel vs. reality
That’s what the Apple Store Time Machine is all about. I’ve recreated four iconic Apple Stores for you to walk around in and explore: Tysons Corner, Stanford Shopping Center, Fifth Avenue, and Infinite Loop. Each one looks exactly as it appeared on its grand opening day. Every detail has been accounted for, down to the last iPod and box of software. It’s the closest I’ve come to actual time travel… so far.
I’ve been pouring my heart into this project for the past seven months, and I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes details of how I brought these stores to life in a future newsletter. But today, just enjoy the experience.
The Apple Store Time Machine is totally free and runs on Apple silicon and recent Intel-based Macs. I hope it’s as fun for you to explore as it was for me to build.
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Michael Steeber
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